Foreign Trade Assistant (4000-5500)
tybe of job:Trade/foreign trade commissioner/assistant

description of job:
1. Use the network platform to open up overseas markets, seek to track overseas customers, organize and respond to enquiries and do a good job in follow-up work;
2. Keep abreast of market information, maintain company website, network platform background data and release new products;
3. Maintain good communication with customers and be responsible for the promotion and sales of products in foreign markets;

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, English, and e-commerce. English level 4 and above;
2. Have strong learning ability and resistance to stress, and unite and cooperate with each other;
3. Have clear goals and career planning. Be serious and responsible;
4. Excellent fresh graduates are considered.

Corporate welfare:Five insurance and one gold + professional training + company gathering tour + opportunity to visit customers abroad
Foreign trade clerk
tybe of job:Foreign trade clerk

Job occupation:
1. Use GOOGLE, B2B, industry websites, local search engines and other independent self-developed new customers and operate through the platform of ALIBABA B2B industry website, obtain new customer information, and contact foreign customers through telephone, mail, social software, etc.;
2. Effectively analyze the enquiry, judge the nature of the customer, have a good sales acumen, and convert the potential inquiry customer into a single customer;
3. Effectively maintain old customers, maintain interaction with customers through various means, do a good job in service, and have strong ability to solve customer problems;
4. Actively communicate with the production department and the document department to ensure that the goods are exported on time.

job requirements:
1. Major in international trade, English, business English, Spanish, English translation, Arabic, etc.;
2, academic requirements for undergraduate;
3, 1-3 years of foreign trade sales experience, the use of GOOGLE, B2B, industry websites and other independent development of customer priority;
4. Have strong learning adaptability, proactive work attitude, and good sense of teamwork;
5, like challenges, have clear work goals and career goals.
Marketing Specialist
Job Responsibilities:Collect domestic and international steel structure production, bridge and dock construction industry information and dynamic tracking, market research and analysis, project project engagement and implementation, expand the company's influence in the industry, and occupy market share;

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, architecture, civil engineering, bridges, etc., more than 1 year relevant work experience;
2. Understand and be familiar with the engineering design industry, love the construction media industry, and hope to have long-term development in this field;
3. Have a deeper understanding of market work, have strong perceptive ability, and be keen to grasp the market dynamics and direction;
4, has a high sense of responsibility, can accept challenges and greater work pressure, positive personality, focus on work details, team spirit;
6, skilled use of office office software.

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