In 2018, the senior training course for the steel industry of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security started in Beijing.

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On August 20th, the National Technical and Technical Personnel Knowledge Renewal Project hosted by China Iron and Steel Industry Association and Beijing University of Science and Technology China Metallurgical Technology Training Co., Ltd. “Quality Enhancement and Improvement of Total Factor Productivity to Promote High-efficiency Production in the Steel Industry 2018 Advanced Seminar” Opened in Beijing. Liu Zhenjiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary General of China Iron and Steel Association, and Shan Dan, Chairman of Beijing University of Science and Technology Technology Training Co., Ltd. attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. The opening ceremony was hosted by Jiang Wei, deputy secretary general of the China Iron and Steel Association.

Liu Zhenjiang pointed out that the problems faced by China's steel industry are complicated. There are both immediate problems and long-term problems. It is necessary to solve the problem of product quality stability and the widespread application of common technologies.

Liu Zhenjiang said that in the past few years, the steel industry's technological progress has been rapid, but the stability of product quality has not been solved in many steel mills. Some users have reported that sometimes the quality of this batch of steel is qualified, but the next batch is unqualified. "If the quality stability of the products in front of us can not be guaranteed, the new materials research and development, intelligent manufacturing will still have this problem. Therefore, in order to achieve quality improvement, transformation and upgrading, the steel industry must solve the problem of product quality stability as soon as possible." He says.

In addition, steel companies are now more enthusiastic about technological innovation, but technological innovation is not easy to achieve, so it is necessary to talk about science, from the overall consideration, and advance in stages. An important task for the current steel companies is to ensure smooth operation and profitability. If the losses are as good as in 2015, the company will lose its viability. Especially in the unfavorable environment of Sino-US economic and trade frictions, Chinese steel companies must make scientific decisions. For example, in technology investment, we should focus on new product development, or promote the application of existing results, companies must make decisions based on their actual situation. Technology investment is not a simple matter, but a matter that needs to be considered systematically.

Liu Zhenjiang stressed that China's steel industry is still in the development stage of structural adjustment. Resolving excess capacity is only the beginning, and there are still many complicated problems in the structure that need to be solved. The development of China's steel industry must have strategic thinking, and we must make overall considerations and achieve balanced and coordinated progress in structural adjustment, technological progress, industry management, and international competitiveness. At present, in terms of technology, solving the problem of product quality stability and the promotion and application of common technology is a big improvement. Only by solving these two problems can we better develop new technologies and apply new products.

Liu Zhenjiang finally said that in order to achieve high-quality development of the steel industry, it is necessary to improve quality and efficiency. It is impossible to have quality without benefit. Quality and efficiency must be unified, and scientific operations and arrangements must be in place. It is hoped that the trainees will gain some benefits in improving the stability of product quality and accelerating the promotion and application of common technologies through this training, and help the company to improve product quality and technological progress.

Jiang Wei said that this training has a total of 70 technical experts and backbones of 34 steel association members. In the past two years, the steel industry has been running smoothly, and has achieved good economic benefits. It also has funds to support technological progress. It is hoped that the students will use this opportunity to study hard, strengthen exchanges, and solve problems in actual work.

The training was fully supported by the special funds of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The training courses focused on product defects, quality control, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and determined the surface defect analysis and quality control of strip steel, and the quality control technology of special steel rod and wire rod. Four special topics such as analysis and practice of typical special steel defects, typical defect analysis of hot rolled strip and quality control technology.


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