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Resistant Plates

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Resistant Plates

TypeGreadExecutive standardMeasureDelivery stateApplication
Resistant PlatesNM360GB/T 24186(4-100)*(1500-3200)*(6000-18000)Q/Q+TApplied for mine and engineeringmachinery of abrasion resistant parts
NM400GB/T 24186(4-100)*(1500-3200)*(6000-18000)Q/Q+T
NM450GB/T 24186(4-100)*(1500-3200)*(6000-18000)Q/Q+T
NM500GB/T 24186(4-100)*(1500-3200)*(6000-18000)Q/Q+T
NM550GB/T 24186(4-100)*(1500-3200)*(6000-18000)Q/Q+T
NM600GB/T 24186(4-100)*(1500-3200)*(6000-18000)Q/Q+T

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