Structural Steel Plates

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GradeSize(mm)Delivery ConditionApplication


Structural Plates

EN 10025S235J2/JO/JR, S275JR/JO/ J2, S355J2/JO/JR/K2,(5-250)×(1500-4700)AR, CR, TMCP, NFor making wind towers, bridges,engineering machinery and buildings.
S355N/NL(4-250)×(1500-4700)N, +N
(6-100) × (1500-4700)TMCP, N, +N

Low Alloy High

Strength Steel

GB/T1591Q345B/C/D(Z), Q390B/C/D(Z)
   Q420B/C/D(Z), Q460B/C/D(Z)
(5-250)×(1500-4700)AR, CR, TMCP, NFor manufacturing welding structural parts for engines, hoisting device, mine machinery and other engineering machinery
Q345E(Z), Q390E(Z)
    Q420E(Z), Q460E(Z)
(6-200)×(1600-4700)TMCP, N
ASTM A572 ASTM A573A572Gr42, Gr50,
   Gr60 A573Gr65, Gr70
(5-250)×(1500-4700)AR, CR, TMCP, N
ASTM A709A709-50T, A709-50F, A709Gr50(5-250)×(1500-4700)AR, CR, TMCP, N
AS/NZS 3678300L0/L15/L20/L40/Y20/Y40
(6-150) × (1500-4700)AR, CR, NFor engineering machinery, structures, parts, etc

High Rise


Structural Steel

GB/T19879Q235GJ, Q345GJ, Q390GJ(6-250)×(1500-4700)TMCP, NFor high rise building
Q420GJ, Q460GJ, Q500GJ(6-200)×(1500-4700)TMCP, N
GB/T 28905LY225, LY160, LY100(8-100)×(1500-4700TMCP, NLow yield point steel;Energy dissipation damper;Earthquake resistant energy dissipation; Earthquake resistant steel
Welded Structural Steel

JIS G3106

JIS G3101

JIS G3515

JIS G3136

SM400A, SM400B SM490A, SM490B,
   SM490C SM490YA, SM490YB, SM520B,
   SM520C SM570 SN400A, SN400B
    SN490B, SN490C
(6-100)×(1600-4700)AR, CR, TMCP, QTFor engineering machinery, structures, parts, etc.
Normal Carbon SteelASTM CANADOLLA283C, A573Gr70, A36, SS400
   SS40 0C, SS400M, PL.CA.003, PL.CA.006
   Q235A, Q235B, Q235C, Q235D
(5-250)×(1500-4700)AR, CR, TMCP, NFor engineering machinery, structures, parts, etc.
Steel CoilGB/T1591Q195, Q215, Q235, Q345(5-20)×(1600-2500)AR, CR, TMCP, NFor engineering machinery, structures, parts, etc.
EN 10025
S275JR, S355J2, S355K2
   S355JR, SN400B, SS400
(5-20)×(1600-2500)AR, CR, TMCP

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